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Varieties of viagra pills pathology by type of disease: axial - the refractive power is the same, but the length of the axis in each eye is different; refractive - the axes are the same, but the refractive power is different; combined - a combination of two types of violations.

As a result of such complications, the image of the object fixes in turn either the right or the left eye. Allocate congenital and acquired anisometropia. It is congenital or hereditary anisometropia that is common. If someone in the family has anisometropia, then sildenafil generic of the disease in younger generations is likely.

Moreover, at an early age in children, it may not manifest itself, but in the future it can lead to serious consequences. In this case, it does not matter which eye sees worse in an adult: in a child, the opposite side may suffer more.

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Without a hereditary predisposition, anisometropia can occur in an adult after the appearance of cataracts or complications of surgical operations on the eyes. Anisometropia can be congenital or acquired. Ophthalmologists note that the physiological features of the structure of the eye system are the main cause of diffraction disturbances.

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Opacification of the lens in one eye changes the ability to defraction in a sick, weak eye. Unilateral myopia. False myopia in a child (congenital) provokes pathological, but reversible changes in the diffraction of the eyes.

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Pathological deformations of the lens and cornea provoke an uncomfortable difference in the diffraction of the eyes. postoperative period. Surgical intervention is a jewelry process, especially on the vitreous body, lens or retina. Treatment of pathology is possible after consultation with an ophthalmologist. The doctor individually determines the causes of the disease, prescribes the necessary therapy. It is not recommended to wear contact lenses during treatment that cause blepharitis and other inflammatory processes of sildenafil.


In the moderate and severe degree of the disease, laser vision correction is indicated, correction of the diffraction of a weak eye. Running anisometropia leads to false strabismus, myopia and general deterioration of vision.

The refractive power of both organs of vision is the same, but the eye axes are different. Mixed. This type of disease is due to different indicators of both the refractive power and the long axis.